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Specialising in narrative music videos since 2011

Long Long Gone

When is the magic gone? A raw and real look at the ups and downs of a falling relationship. A music video written and directed by Ivo Consi. Starring Raphael Desprez and Liberty Scott.

Jazz Promo

Featuring Kitty LaRoar & Nick Of Time. Teaser for upcoming short film noir exploring jazz musician scene. Shot and edited by Ivo Consi.

Picking Up the Pieces

How do you forget someone who is still present through the objects you used to share? A music video written and directed by Ivo Consi. Starring Meri Neeser and Vanessa Downie.

showreel 2016

Dedicated to London, my muse.


London-based filmmaker specialising in narrative music videos.
Every frame is inspired by the world of musicians.

I'm currently based in London and the service of me and my creative team includes; creating the visual concept based on the theme of the song, storyboarding, location scouting and casting, shooting, editing and colour grading. From a Czech suburb to the Northern Film School, I am now at my fifth year in the business of music videos. I remember being thirteen years old and spend the whole summer editing my home-camera footage on the worse and slowest editing software possible. I didn't know what I was doing back then, but I had to keep going. Twelve years later, that focus and passion is bigger than ever.

  • directing
  • Editing
  • writing
  • producing


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